Student Clubs & Teams

The staff at École Lacombe Upper Elementary offer a wide variety of school clubs and teams to meet the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of our students. All students are invited and welcome to join any of our school teams. Following is a brief description of these teams:

Peer Support/Conflict Management Team
Team members are selected at the beginning of the school year to assist students in managing their behavior and promote a positive school climate. Team members are trained in conflict management skills and peer mediation skills. Each class has two members on the team and these two students assist students in solving minor conflicts. Team members plan activities throughout the school year to promote a caring and positive school environment.
Panda Leadership Team
All grade six students are invited to join the Leadership Team. This team is responsible for many different aspects of our school’s culture and climate.
Team members organize and run the intramural program. Team members plan all spirit days and school wide activity days. All team members learn valuable lessons on planning and organizing events, promoting school spirit, and develop many skills that will benefit them for life. Team activities and meetings are during the school day, after school meetings are not needed.
School Intramural Program
The Lacombe Upper Elementary School Intramural Program is a lunch-break based program which utilizes carefully selected activities to help produce the physically educated student and promote school spirit. Teams are established by using the homeroom boys and girls. Team names and team cheers are developed and used throughout the year. The school Intramural Banner and Spirit Banner are used to reward teams that have the most participation and enthusiasm for our planned events.

After-School Sport Clubs
Throughout the school year the staff at ÉLUES offers skill development opportunities after school in a variety of sports. The sport clubs include: cross-country running, soccer, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey and badminton.  All students are invited to improve their skills, enjoy learning more about the sport and have a lot of fun.

Morning Drop-In For Active Healthy Kids
Starting the first Tuesday in October, the community doors will open and the gym will be rocking and ready for any and all ÉLUES students who want to come in and have some fun!  Every Tuesday and Thursday, October through April, Early Morning Gym will open at 8:00 AM and run until 8:30 AM.  Students need to bring indoor shoes as well as leave their backpacks on the stage.  Come out and have some fun!

Healthy Active Team
This team includes representatives from each homeroom, staff members and a health professional from the David Thompson Health Region.  The objective of this team is to increase the focus on health promotion in our school.  The team meets regularly to promote such topics as: heart health, nutrition, dental health, cancer awareness, and sun safety.

Homework Hot Spot
Students from any grade level needing help in any subject area are invited to meet after school Monday, Wednesday and/or Thursday. Students can work on homework, study for upcoming exams or have computer access. Teacher assistance if provided for those having difficulty with class concepts or assignments.
Cribbage Club
Cribbage Club is held on Wednesdays at noon. Students are taught the game of crib and learn the fine art of counting the hands. This club not only teaches crib, but it also teaches math skills. The students have a great time with this interesting game.

Garden Club
Students learn about fund raising, planning new garden areas, starting tree seedlings, and the all about the work that goes into planting and maintaining a garden. This club's effort is enjoyed by all of Lacombe.

Chess Club
All students are invited to meet one day a week after school to learn about the exciting and intellectually challenging game of chess. Students will be taught the game and will work on mastering their skills and strategies throughout the year.

Sticker/Card Trading Club
Interested students from Lacombe Upper Elementary School have an opportunity to meet each Friday at lunch break to share or trade their collections of cards or stickers.

Arts and Crafts Club
The Arts and Crafts Club is an opportunity for students to learn new skills, explore different media, and express themselves creatively.  Every Monday and Tuesday from 3:30-4:30, the Arts and Crafts Club will meet in Mrs. Ironside’s room to complete a project.  Each week ten students are able to sign up for Arts and Crafts Club.  We will run the same project for four weeks at a time, in order to allow more students to participate.  A new sign-up sheet will be posted each week.
Bamboo's Book Nook Club
You’ve heard of Oprah’s Book Club? Well, now Lacombe Upper Elementary School has its very own called Bamboo’s Book Nook.
Bring a pillow
And your book.
Come and listen
Or just to look.


There might be a novel
Or fable or two,
A myth or tall tale -
Something just for YOU!


Getting pumped on reading
Is the plan.
Welcome to Bamboo’s Book Nook -
Come, be a fan!