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School Council

School Council


The mission of the school council is to work with the school community to provide a quality education in a caring environment. 

School Council Virtual Meeting dates for 2020/21:

  • Wednesday, September 30
  • Wednesday, November 25
  • Wednesday, January 27
  • Wednesday, March 24
  • Wednesday, April 28
  • Wednesday, May 26

** All School Council meetings take place virtually at 7:15.


Chairperson  Deanna Woodworth

Vice Chair Michelle Barefoot  

Sonja Dykslag

Nicole Rawlinson

Treasurer Christina Rice


Administrative Representatives 

Sonja Dykslag

Nicole Rawlinson

Staff Representatives

Maryann LaFrance

Hunger Busters Director

Angela Wymann-Richter


Brent Buchanan

Kelly Lowry

 Philosophy, Mission and Vision:

  • Explore school discipline policies; programs and directions; and budget allocations that best meet student needs.
  • A cooperative approach to schooling in which decisions are made collaboratively and wherever possible at the school and classroom level.
  • Facilitate a formal performance evaluation of our school council and to communicate the results of this evaluation to the school community.
  • To keep the school board informed, in cooperation with the principal, of the school.
  • To assist in coordinating projects and activities in the school, including fundraising.


The membership of the School Council shall consist of the following:

  • Parents of students enrolled in École Lacombe Upper Elementary
  • The principal of the school   
  • Teachers of the school       
  • Member(s) of the community